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With Weekly LIVE Masterminds, a Private Referral Network, Training & Support 
For Every Step of Your International House Sitting (& Travel Lifestyle) Journey
Hello Fellow 'Slow Travel' Lover!
Since February 2013 we have traveled the world through house sitting, enjoying 95% FREE lodgings, saving us on average
$40000 a year on our travel accommodation.

In fact, without house sitting there is no way we could afford to travel as often or as extensively as we do. Period!

Instead we would be saving up or using credit cards to take short vacations each year, and spending thousands of dollars for the privilege... just like everyone else does.

Maybe even like you do right now?!

With house sitting you can travel right NOW no matter what your financial situation (we started with just $300 to our name... no savings, no credit and no income... that is a whole other story as you can imagine!).

All while staying in amazing local places with all the comforts of home, just like some of the locations here on the right...
And of course we're not alone! 

In fact thousands of people globally, of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages,  are using house sitting to travel the world. 

Some as one-off vacations, many mix it with other travel experiences, and a
handful like us, do it full-time.  

However, it's also important to remember house sitting is not a 'free' holiday. 
House sitting is an exchange of services - you look after someone’s home and
their pets (if they have them), and in return you enjoy free accommodation and utilities, and often use of their vehicle.  

House Sitting does come with responsibilities, and therefore is not for everyone.

If you like free spirited travel where you can move around constantly or be out
sight-seeing all day, then you could consider house sitting as a great addition to
your travel mix
instead. A time to slow down and really get to know a place.

House sitting is all about slower paced immersion travel into cultures and communities, experiencing the joy of getting to know the locals, having time to
learn a new language or write that illusive book, combined of course with the love
and fun of awesome pets

If you're ready to travel the world full-time or part-time with house sitting,
then the Academy is here to make it your reality.
Nat n Jodie  
Founders of the     
House Sitting Academy
  This Formula = Success!
  • Powerful Weekly LIVE Group Masterminding - Where you'll connect with seasoned sitters & travel 'lifestylers' out there living it!
  • Upon Graduation, be Invited into the 'Inner Circle' Private Referral Network - Where you'll be part of the 'Cool Kids Club' ;)  being offered sits that never make it onto the platforms, being personally referred to home owners, and building bonds with like-minded experienced world travelers.
  • Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Online Course, Featuring the Unique '10-C Confidence & Competency' System - Taking you through every step of house sitting, giving you the competence & confidence to take on any sit you love... complete with 'Done-For-You' templates, checklists & market tested examples. 
With the Academy You Will...
  • ​ Get INSIDER TIPS & STRATEGIES from Experienced & Successful Sitters
  • ​ Have the CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to EASILY travel the world with house sitting 
  • ​ Be a SOUGHT AFTER HOUSE SITTER with owners approaching you to sit for them
  • ​ Have far more CHOICE IN WHERE YOU TRAVEL & fill up your travel diary with Free Accommodation
JUST USD$297 One- Time or
USD$79 a Month x 4 Months
Get Lifetime Access + All Inclusions
Whether You've Just Heard About House Sitting
OR are a Seasoned Sitter...
Your Lifetime Membership Includes...
Your Lifetime Membership Includes...
 Weekly LIVE Masterminding Sessions
to Connect & Chat With Your Tribe
Join us for...
Q&A Sessions about Sitting & Traveling
Sitting & Travel Insider Tips & Strategies
Mindset & Intuition Coaching
Profile Reviews
& Member Showcasing
Latest Travel Hacks &
Money Savers
Specialized Expert Sessions & Panels
Our LIVE Sessions Are Your Chance to...
  • ​ Be Yourself - Be Seen & Heard - And truly Feel Part of Your Tribe of kindred spirits who 'get you'. 
  • Gain Confidence & Learn from each other through sharing stories & direct experiences.
  • Get Clarity & Make Smart Decisions for your lifestyle, travel & income.
  • ​Connect, actually have a conversation with real people... And have a Laugh of course!
  PLUS Get Instant Access to...
All modules of the 10-C Confidence & Competency System - Including all Templates, Checklists & Market Tested Examples. A lifetime library
of tips & strategies on hand 24/7.
The library of powerful weekly sessions we have already run, covering such topics as downsizing, packing for long term travel, visas & immigration, and roaming income.
Interviews covering learning  languages fast, finding cheap flights, how to have a roaming income, creating a freedom lifestyle, pet behavior & pool care.
+ Take Advantage of these Powerful Exclusive Bonuses...
The 'Inner Circle'
Private Referral Network
Get Direct Referrals to Home Owners
The 'Inner Circle' is available to all Academy Graduates. 
As a member you will enjoy... 
  • ​Top level international referral house sits
  • ​Personal recommendations to home owners
  • ​Many sits that do not require applications
VALUED AT... Priceless!
Academy Member &
Graduates Badges
Instantly Stand Out to Home Owners
Our Academy Badge System immediately increases
your chances of gaining sits.
Added to your house sitting profile & marketing
material, they are the easiest and most direct way
to show home owners you are dedicated to your
sitting service, and adhere to best practice.
Yes, also Priceless!
+ Our Partner Bonus Offers...
Get 12 Months FREE with
For Sitters By Sitter
s, the Private Sitter community.  
Find new and old nomadic friends around the world. 
Get 12 months FREE.
Save time & effort with SitAlerts & SitWishes.
Get 3 months FREE.
Impress your home owners Chock full of easy make, easy reheat dishes.
Don't  Forget  Your Discounts...
Nomador Platform
3 Months FREE 
Get 3 months free at the full membership level with Nomador. Available for Graduates.
HouseSit Match 
15% OFF 
Enjoy 15% off each membership level on the house sitting platform HouseSit Match.
House Carers 
10% OFF
Get 10% off saving your membership with the global house sitting site House Carers, the oldest  platform.
Frequent Flyer BC
$100 OFF
How about flights for $100… 
or even $5 to anywhere in 
the world? Save 20% on the course showing you how.
JUST USD$297 One- Time or
USD$79 a Month x 4 Months
Get  the Most  Out  of  Your Lifetime Membership...
With Your Weekly Masterminding Sessions & Academy Bonuses
(Plus 'Fast Action Bonuses' if you grab them on the order page!)
What  Our Members Have to Say...
There is No Risk... Only Reward!
Nat & Jodie, I understand the true value of the Academy can only be
realized by 
me attending the live sessions & undertaking the lessons,
then employing what
I learn, both in applying for sits and performing them. 

I know and understand that the Academy will give me everything I need 
to be successful in scoring house sits if I apply everything you present, 
and therefore I'm seriously going to give the Academy my very best effort. 

I also understand that I have a generous 30 days without risk to decide 
if the Academy is right for me. 
Our Guarantee to you... If you undertake the work & still do not secure an assignment within the
first 3
months of applying for house sits, we will personally rework your profile until you do!*  

*We will need to see evidence of genuine attempts to employ the
Academy teachings & applying for sits during those 3 months
 I'm new to house sitting, will the House Sitting Academy help me, and how? 
Absolutely it will! The step-by-step online course particularly helps those new to house sitting gain all the knowledge they need to feel confident & competent in house sitting... even if you've never even watered a plant for someone else! 
And experienced sitters in the weekly LIVE Huddle sessions are there to talk to you in 'real time' with whatever issues you might be facing... before or on a sit... and we share super valuable info every week about traveling & house sitting as well!  :)
 How is the Academy different from other information out there about house sitting? 
There is a ton of information out there these days about house sitting, which is great, but also the problem. Wading through blog post after Facebook group post is super time consuming we know. So we took the 'best of the best' information from the world's top sitters and put all of their strategies and tips into one place. That formed the 10-C Confidence & Competency System online course. 

But the true value of the Academy these days is in the 'Inner Circle Private Referral Network', where as a Graduate you will be offered and share top sits from around the world, with personal introductions to home owners. 

And of course we have our super fun weekly Huddle LIVE sessions... and no where else will you find that level of support from your fellow house sitters & travelers! 
 Why don't you charge for the Live Huddles? 
Well if you'd like to pay each week, then we'd love that! haha ;)  
No seriously, we made a decision some time ago that whatever we felt to add to the Academy would be freely available to members... nothing more to ever pay. 
We consider our Academy members as our true 'family' of like-minded spirited travelers, and as such we gladly show up every week to run the Huddles and meet with everyone :) 
 I have been house sitting for some time, will this help me? 
'YES'! In fact most of our members have some house sitting experience, and many have a lot! 
Our contributors to the online course are super experienced in sitting and will add tons of ideas and value to your existing profile and application processes.
But the 2 most valuable things for you as an experienced sitter is the 'Inner Circle Private Referral Network' and our LIVE weekly Huddles, where you will mix with like minds and have access to some of the best sits on the planet... with personal introductions to home owners!
 Will I have to invest more money at any stage? 
Nope! No Way! Nada!  Your investment today is all you will ever pay for every existing and future Huddle recording, interview, case study, resource & information we add into the Academy... and it's yours for life! 
 How much time will I have to invest into it? 
Completely up to you. Everything is there waiting for you in the Academy online course right now. You decide what you want to watch, and when you want to do it.

And of course you are welcome to join us on a Huddle Live call any and every week if you like.

But don't forget the entire online course & Huddle weekly recordings are also available in your members area whenever you need them... yes a never ending library of incredible up-to-date information!
 What am I waiting for to join? 
Actually we're wondering that too!! ;) Come on...
As Seen On...
We really look forward to seeing you inside the Academy! 
If you have any questions about the Academy, simply click on the 'Contact Us' button in the footer of this page, and we’ll get right back to you. 

We very much look forward to personally working with you in the Academy and helping you get some awesome gigs around the world.

Wishing you every success and joy with house sitting and your travels. 

See you on the inside! 

Global hugs
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